Female funeral objects in the la Molineta cemetery

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Female funeral objects as items of adornment, characteristic of the final phase of the la Molineta cemetery.

Characteristic of the cemeteries of the most modern phase of the La Molineta cemetery is the presence of items of personal adornment in the female graves, which puts us before dressed burials.

The internment of the grave 7023 presented copper, a thread-like bracelet with the ends flattened in a lanceolate form, another two thread-like bracelets with simple ends, an unadorned laminate ring, and part of an earring in so-called 8 form. In grave 21010 there were also found two copper earrings with one thick end and one pointed end. Items found in other graves have to be added to this collection, such as the necklaces with beads of different materials, the bracelets with flattened ends in the form of a kite tail, or the bronze pins with long circular section stems, inverted cone heads or semi-circular with cabochon, generally glass.

These objects of adornment are extremely characteristic from the point of view of typology of a series of south-eastern cemeteries and a chronological point of time which has been put at the now begun 5th century and during the 6th century.