The first cathedral in Almeria, which was situated in the old Great Mosque, was destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1522. As a consequence the Bishop, Brother Diego Fernández de Villarán, decided to found the new Cathedral, work on which began in 1525.

The present Almeria Cathedral has a special characteristic: it is a cathedral-fortress. Its structure as a fortress can be clearly appreciated on the outside, with its solid stone masonry, its buttresses and corner towers. The two Renaissance-style fronts were built by Juan de Orea in the middle of the 16th century, the most outstanding of which is the main façade which presides the Cathedral Square.

In Cubo Street we can observe the Portocarrero Sunburst, emblem of the city of Almeria, carved in the stones of the Cathedral.

The inside comprises a late-Gothic hall and interior structure. The high altar, which was redesigned in the 18th century, has 8 canvasses with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and 2 reliefs from the 16th century. In the centre of the altar we can see a tabernacle from the 18th century carved in marble, jasper and alabaster. Other sites of interest are the choir stalls and the sacristy, renaissance works of art made by Juan de Orea. The retro choir and cloister are neoclassical in style.

Its most outstanding chapels are found behind the high altar, in the ambulatory: the Chapel of St. Indalecio (Patron Saint of the Almeria Church), the Chapel of the Christ of the Listener, where we can see the tomb of the founding Bishop, and the Chapel of the Virgin of Mercy.