The Central Market

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The Central Market is one of the most beautiful examples of industrial architecture in the city of Almeria which combines stone, brick, iron and glass. The building, constructed in 1893, comprises a longitudinal shaped floor, built on a foundation of masonry and stonework which forms the basement destined originally to be the corn exchange and warehouse.

The main floor is very light and airy given that the slim iron columns which hold up the marvellous iron and wood roof barely block the view of the interior.

The main door of the building is situated on the western side and is built of masonry and brick. The door is formed of a large semi-circular arch under a crooked cornice which serves as the pediment and decorated at the apex with a sculpture of a woman, symbolising the abundance on offer inside, surrounded by pots full of fruit. The square stands at the centre of a series of streets which surround the market.