This secluded square, situated at the back of the Cathedral, was built between the 18th and 19th centuries and in it we can find the “The House of the Puches” the oldest house in Almeria from the 17th to the 18th centuries. The Puche family was an old noble family who arrived in Almeria with the first Christian settlers in 1494. The house has two floors: the upper set aside for the living quarters of the owners and the lower one for the servants. The interior is laid out around a central courtyard. At present it has been restored and converted into a museum of the Brotherhood of the Arrest of Jesus.

In this square is also located the “House of Music”, the present headquarters of the Provincial Tourist Board. It is a restored building from the 19th century which contains an attractive courtyard.

From this square the defensive bastions of the Cathedral-Fortress can be observed which inside correspond to the chapels of the ambulatory and, in one of them, octagonal in shape, corresponding to the chapel of the Holy Christ of the Listener, sculptured in the stone, we find the Sunburst of Portocarerro, emblematic symbol of the city.

In the centre of the square we can see the bust made by Jesús de Perceval of the poetess Celia Viñas who carried out her role as a teacher in the first secondary school in Almeria during the post-war years.