This is the nerve centre of the city. In the past it was called the Pechina Gate and used to be the main entrance to the Arab city. However, by mistake, the Christians knew it as the Purchena Gate. The city of Almeria was protected by massive walls but in 1855 the majority were knocked down and with them the city´s entrance and exit gates. In the 19th century Almeria experienced a change in its economy due to the grape trade and the export of minerals. In the second half of the 19th century middle class suburbs began to appear to the east of the city and urban development of the Purchena Gate was carried out at this time and it became a wealthy area.

Around it we can observe various examples of wealthy housing from the beginning of the 20th century, especially the House of the Butterflies which was designed by the Architect Trinidad Cuartara Casinello, and the apartment buildings made by Enrique López Rull and Guillermo Langle Rubio. The site is an example of the legacy of the city´s three most famous architects.

In the centre of the square we find the sculptured figure of Don Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, born in the town of Alhama de Almeria. Don Nicolás became the President of the First Spanish Republic. Very near him we can see the popular fountain “Cañillo del Agua” of which the local people say that the Purchena Gate has no gate but everybody who drinks the waters will return.