Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia Parish Church
Beires - Almería

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Dedicated to the patron saint of the village, San Roque, it was built around   1676 and modified and notably enlarged around 1782.

It has a floor in the form of a Latin cross and a structure of masonry caisson between rafas and brick strips, and a cornice also of cantilevered brick. It has a simple portal at the foot and an important tower which rises next to the front, showing two spaces on either side and a four-sided roof finish.

In its interior its dome elevated on pendentives in the transept stands out, as well as its barrel vaults in the nave and the arms of the transept and the chancel. Some spaces above the portal and at the ends of the transept open to the outside for the building’s natural lighting.

The construction works were the responsibility of Pedro de Cerezuela to replace the former, which in 1673 had to be shored up. The construction conditions were issued by the archbishopric churches overseer José Granados de la Barrera in 1676 and in December 1679 there was the transfer from the old church located in the high point of the village.

The new church had a rectangular floor plan, with a tower at the head and framework in its roof of Mudejar tradition. Later on, in the year 1745, the master Indalecio Guiot carried out works and repairs. In 1782 the new front with transept was built. Possibly coinciding with this extension, the tower was raised with a new group of bells in its upper part, in this way representing a clear example of modifications which rural churches undergo over time as a result of the increase in population and the change of aesthetic tastes.

It has recently been restored with the support of Beires residents.

Inside we can appreciate a magnificent carving of San Roque, donated some 50 years ago by a village resident, and another smaller sculpture, which is paraded in the Patron Saint Festivities celebrated in August.

Due to its link to mining, it also has Santa Barbara as Patron Saint, who is paraded in December and carried by children.

To these two principal festivities there has been added in recent years, also in August, the Mining Evening Event, which commemorates this important historical milestone of Beires.

As a peculiarity, one of the few existing “matracas” (ratchets) in the province is preserved in the belltower.