Welcome to the Beires Ornithological Park, an initiative to inform about and highlight the importance of birds in the balance of ecosystems, especially in this natural environment of the Nacimiento de Beires Area, as well as their importance in contributing to biodiversity and sustainable development.

Birds are part of our Natural Heritage and a key piece in the maintenance of the ecosystems where they live. They are very important dispersers of seeds, especially of trees and bushes; they act as predators in ecosystems, controlling the populations of possible pests and diseases and species that affect crops. In addition, they promote pollination and contribute to sustainable economic development through activities such as ornithological tourism.

In their genetic diversity, birds contain part of the evolutionary history of Earth’s living beings, of our own evolution; they are world heritage.

This is a protected Natural Area, located within the Sierra Nevada Natural and National Park area.

In this nearby environment you can observe some of the 36 birds we show you in this panel. They come here during the different seasons of the year. It is their living space. You can find some of them between the paths and the trees, posts with their photos and QRs that will teach you to distinguish their song and identify them when you observe them. Scan with your mobile phone when you find them and at the same time enjoy a pleasant walk, among multiple riverside trees, with the sound of the water and the symphony orchestra of the birds that inhabit here.

Be respectful of the environment, flora and fauna, enjoy and respect. Do not touch bird nests or make excessive noise that could affect their pace of life or their future. Be silent, observe and enjoy nature and its many sounds.

If you would like more information, you can view or download the two publications informing you about the Ornithological Park and the main characteristics and values of the Sierra Nevada Natural and National Park.