Route of the Watermills and the Nacimiento Recreational Area
Beires - Almería

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Beires offers the visitor enormous possibilities for active and nature tourism, since it has a little changed landscape and areas of high environmental value, like the Ravine of the Mills and the Nacimiento Recreational Area. In addition to the urban route, on which we can see the attractions of the architecture and the theming of the different places of the municipality’s mining history, such as those of El Barrio Alto, where we find ourselves, we can take the Route of the Mills, which unites Beires with El Nacimiento, a benchmark in history and a source of life on being the place of ancestral water supply and the area of milling.

The Route of the Mills is recognised by the Almería Provincial Council and is part of the PR-A 360. It extends for 2.5 kilometres and offers us spectacular views, as well as enabling us to discover elements of ethnographic and natural history.

To do the route from the village we set out from the El Barrio Alto area where we find ourselves, going by beautiful urban corners and some unique views of Beires, until we get to the well-preserved Abajo Mill, today converted into a home. We go up between holm oaks and spectacular views of the ravine, with dense riverbank vegetation, until we see the remains of the Arriba Mill, which conserves an enormous masonry cube and remains of the milling area, as well as part of the machinery.

We continue going up until reaching the Nacimiento Recreational Area. This zone is a reference point in Beires, both for its natural value and for its usefulness, as the Nacimiento Spring is located here, and it is where some of the ancestral traditions are celebrated, such as wetting the bread roll of Saint Roch and bathing in its cold waters on certain dates as an initiation rite.

This area of great natural and tourist attraction strength has been improved and conditioned for your visit. It has interpretive and informational elements and a table area for rests. As well as doing the route on foot from the village it is possible to drive there from Beires on the Ohanes road, on a nearby detour.

As well as this attractive active tourism route there is the Mining Route, which goes up to the Mining Reserve, and which in its day was the main source of sustenance during the iron mining boom for the whole region. The mineral was lowered from the mines by the Cable to Doña María and from there to the Cable Inglés.