Mediterranean Maritime Park

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The Mediterranean Maritime Park is a symbol of the connection between geography and culture in the city of Ceuta; where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the Mediterranean Sea; where Africa meets Europe.

This recreational site is hugely popular among residents and tourists alike. Shows and performances are hosted in a setting that is home to artificial lakes and a botanical garden populated by species from all over the world. Spreading out over 57,000 square metres, the park is the perfect place for swimming, strolling, relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

These three large lakes are the perfect place to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fall in love with artificial waterfalls and cascades. Pumped weekly from the sea, the salt water is ideal for swimming and is one of the main attractions for residents and tourists during the hot summer days.

Vast gardens and lush landscapes, with bathing areas, merge seamlessly with the lakes. A shallow, artificial beach sits in the western area of the Park, surrounded by small islands crowded with tropical vegetation. It is the perfect spot for children.

An impressive waterfall pumps water into the central lake, where a geyser shoots up several metres creating a breathtaking sight for visitors. As you stroll around the site, you will see a replica of Ceuta’s Lighthouse, an artistic tribute to the construction that sits atop the Monte del Hacho and has guided countless sailors since its inauguration in 1885.

Located nearby, the Stone Castle –a replica of the city’s Royal Defensive Walls– is home to Ceuta’s Grand Casino.

The smallest lake is located to the east of the complex and is straddled by a wooden bridge.  Sitting in the middle of the lake, there is a small island stocked with a tropical bar, one of the many catering options for visitors to make the most of their day without having to leave the premises.

The park was designed by artist César Manrique, born in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), as a nod to Lago Martiánez in Tenerife and opened in 1995. Be sure to visit the permanent exhibition of Manrique’s work, which is open all year round.

In short, the park is an Oasis in the centre of the city.