From the economic revival linked to mining and metallurgy in the 19th and 20th centuries there came architectural works of great value. One of those buildings is the old Town Hall, an imposing structure with impressive interior décor. In front of the Town Hall there is another building which won’t fail to make an impression on you, the Casino or Cultural Association.

Mazarrón’s most notable buildings date from the time of the peak of the mining and metallurgy during the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the buildings which remains is the Town Hall, declared a Property of Cultural Interest. It is a three-story building with a basement, in which there stands out the ornamentation of the old Mayor’s office and Meeting Room, with rich decoration in coffered ceilings, a mosaic floor, and period walls, hangings and furniture.

The basement, where in the past the prison and cells were located, is today a multi-use area, mainly for cultural purposes. On the third floor, which used to be where there was the Post and Telegraph office, is used for temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

From outside, the zinc pavilion stands out, making the building look as though it has been taken from the middle of Madrid’s Gran Vía.

In front of the Town Hall there is an example of less defined and unclassifiable, but no less beautiful, architecture. The so-called casino or cultural association is an enigmatic building. The date of its construction is unknown, as is its architect, although it is known that it must have been built in the middle of the 19th Century.

Another big doubt is its purpose; whether it was conceived as a home or for the leisure purposes appropriate to a casino. Inside a peculiar wrought-iron spiral stairway stands out, attributed to the Eiffel school; very beautiful, but uncomfortable for daily use, despite being the only communication between the building’s floors. It has meeting areas for members, has a billiard hall, a dance hall and games halls.

On its façade the balconies and a balustrade on the cornice, which simulate a terrace, stand out.