The Mojácar origin of Walt Disney
Mojácar - Almería

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In 1940, in the midst of the Spanish Civil War post-war, several men in suits, they say foreigners, visit Mojácar with the intention of obtaining information about a mother and her son who left the village 40 years earlier. They were looking for the birth certificate of that child.

Months later, journalists from the magazine “Primer Plano” come to this small village to corroborate that information, which is quickly spread through various covers of national magazines.

The indisputable facts are that in 1900 a young and lowly laundress from Mojácar, called Isabel Zamora, became pregnant while single. To disguise what at that time was a great disgrace, a mining friend, a man from the same area, gave the baby José Guirao Zamora his surname.

The single mother left Mojácar, fleeing poverty and scandal, in search of a better future.

According to legend, Isabel travelled to join her brother who was working in Chicago, but she did not find a better fate there and poverty and desperation forced her to hand over her child to a married couple she knew of, Flora y Elías Disney.

The child remaining in Chicago, his mother Isabel returned to Spain. José was rechristened in America with the name that today we all know, Walt Disney.

It is a proven fact that no document exists of a record of the birth of Walt in Chicago, nor of José in Spain, however, there is of his siblings.

It’s also true that Walt Disney hid a dark secret about his identity, a fact for which the CIA pressurised him for decades to be an informant.

Most of the films the genius made dealt with mothers who abandon their children or orphan children.

Walt’s own daughter, Diana, tried to dismantle this theory, hiring the best team of experts, but she could not prove that her father was American, nor that he was not of Spanish origin.

Disney was once publicly asked about his Spanish origins on a visit he made to his friend Salvador Dalí. He replied that it was a misunderstanding since a Spaniard with the surname Zamora worked in his studio. Odd, right?