La Glorieta Gardens and Viewpoint
Vera - Almería

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Located outside the old citadel, its construction goes hand in hand with the economic growth of the town. This came about through the discovery of lead in the ravine of the Sierra Almagrera Jaroso during the mid-nineteenth century. The advent of metallurgical activity in the region allowed the population to grow, increasing in turn their needs, and leading to the first possibility of extending the town center.

A few decades before the construction of the roundabout in 1860, the town of Vera and its surroundings (which at the time included Garrucha and Pulpí) had a population of 11,358 inhabitants.

This population growth, gave rise to a new urban plan for the Calle del Mar (Street of the Sea), where the growing local bourgeoisie settled, leaving behind the toils of the land to start businesses. Young and old now found themselves with more free time to enjoy the area and therefore, a new park was designed to serve as a green belt and recreation grounds for its inhabitants. The new roundabout was erected next to the Chapel of San Ramon, which a few years ago still stood on the outskirts of the town.

The recreation area was divided into concentric circular corridors around an ornamental fountain. In fact, unlike the Fountain of Los Cuatro Caños , which yesteryear was used to water beasts and for general domestic use, this fountain is used purely for ornamental purposes. Moreover, among the various corridors a series of gardens were created. Some of the original plants are still preserved, for example, the large Fichus and the Araucaria that can be seen at the entrance.

But this area has not only been used by the people of Vera as a recreational space, but over recent decades it has also become the scene of countless celebrations and social events, including the festival of San Juan, the Rise of Jesus and the Auction during Easter Sunday. Because of the charm of its gardens and the superb views it affords of both the sea and the valleys of the region, it has become one of the main tourist attractions in town.