Church of the Incarnation
Vera - Almería

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We are at the Church of the Incarnation, the parish church of Vera.

The temple is not only a demonstration of religious devotion but it also living proof of the history that has marked the town over the past centuries. Built in the first half of the sixteenth century, it is one of the main examples of church-fortress buildings of the Moorish-Andalusian stage.

Its mission was worship, but also the defense of the Vera Christian enclave, which was surrounded by a Moorish population and therefore continuously at risk of attack by the Berber coming in from the sea.

From the outside you will be able to appreciate its Mudejar style, but a stroll within its interior will reveal the first signs of late Gothic architecture in the province. Its altarpiece sits at the front. It is made of Canadian pine with no polychrome paint which is typical of the baroque. Here we can also appreciate one of the jewels the people from Vera hold dear, the image of St. Cleophas, the patron saint of the locality.

The interior decoration also provides a glimpse into history. We move now to the altarpiece of the Virgen de la Victoria, located in the Chapel, which alludes to people´s concern about the danger of Moorish attacks in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, materialized by an image of a Berber vessel facing a tower and a chained head.