Movie Landscapes “The Passenger”
Vera - Almería

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The great movie directors set their eyes on Vera for the first time almost forty years ago. It was in 1974 when a young Jack Nicholson put himself in the hands of the Italian Director Michelangelo Antonioni to film important scenes from the movie “The Passenger” in the town.

In the area surrounding the bullring we find the “Hotel de la Gloria”, a place where the protagonist decides to begin a great change, an escape that allows him to distance himself from the past; but also marks the beginning of a dangerous international political intrigue investigation.

From the open window overlooking the street and the bullring´s façade, children, policemen, killers and a girl begin to appear…….and danger begins to make itself felt.

A scene depicting a car trip crossing a gallery of trees distinctly shows the access into the city from the 340 National road.

With these new film locations, Vera begins at the time to open new film alternatives in the province of Almeria, without having to constrain itself to Spaghetti Westerns, rural indoor locations and the arid desert landscapes which gave birth to the film industry in the province.

The arrival of cameras and great international stars revolutionised the city and allowed many of its inhabitants to figure as extras. As an anecdote the local cinema (“Cine Regio”) was chosen to test the daily feature-lengths shot.

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