Leave your clothes at home and enjoy one of the best-known naturist beaches in Europe, the Playazo of Vera.

An extension of the Puerto Rey beach and bordering the beaches of Palomares, in high season it attracts thousands of tourists from all over Europe. Germans, Belgians, Dutch, French and Norwegians, among others, who in Vera seek so-called FKK, free body culture, which has made the municipality an international benchmark for decades. 

Of Vera’s more than five kilometres of beach, El Playazo is nearly two kilometres long and approximately 120 metres wide, of which more than a kilometre is for traditional nudist practice, an area widely used by devotees of naturism, many of whom have opted to buy apartments in the numerous naturist complexes or to enjoy what was Spain’s first exclusively nudist hotel.

Vera has managed to make the practice very much a family tourism, where life is very much like any sun and beach complex, but without clothes. In addition, both on the seashore and in the complexes there is a great social and cultural life, especially in summer, as many have decided to live in the area throughout the year or to live in their second residence for a good part of the year.

What’s more, if as well as body freedom you are looking for natural places to go to in the area, from El Playazo, without needing to go by car, don’t miss going to the Salar de los Canos or the Puerto Rey lagoon. They are natural areas, which are worth a short excursion due to their great variety of native flora and fauna.