You are in the oldest bullring in the province of Almeria. The original nineteenth century masonry building opened in 1879, and after years of neglect which almost turned the building into ruins, an important restoration project returned bullfighting to the city. The building reopened on September 25, 1997, to the delight of the region´s lovers of the national holiday. A stellar lineup brought the celebration back to the city, Ortega Cano, Javier Conde and Jesulín Ubrique. Eight ears were cut in the re-inauguration of the ring, to the pride of those who still remember the celebration that Thursday afternoon.

We find ourselves before one of the oldest architectural pieces and the sill of the city’s heritage, where the neo-Arabic arch that makes up the main entrance stands out. The wall surrounding the ring is reinforced with paired horseshoe arches supported by pillars. It has five corrals and eight bullpens and a total of 4,000 spectator seats.

It is in summer when the venue is mainly used to hold concerts

The significant number of bullfighting followers, has been revived during the last few decades through the Club Taurino Vera, which has played an important role in obtaining financing for the building´s restoration project. The long history of the building is told in its own museum, located under the ring. Here one can travel through the chronological history of the bullfighting celebrations in Vera.