Las Marinas-Bolaga Beach
Vera - Almería

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Vera opens to the sea with more than five kilometres of beaches. Due to its good communications and good facilities, one of the most visited is, without doubt, the Las Marinas-Bolaga beach. 

It is an easily accessible, large and open beach, bordered by a wide promenade in a perfect straight line and of top quality. One of the main areas which regularly attracts skaters and sportspeople in very different disciplines, and which brings together strollers and tourists who throughout the year enjoy the Almeria Levante region’s good weather.

Don’t miss stopping by one of the promenade’s meeting, sports and cultural spots, the Plaza de la Pérgola, the area’s centre of social life, especially in the summer.

Las Marinas is an urban beach more than 1,350 metres long and 200 metres wide, extending from the border with the municipality of Garrucha to the mouth of the River Antas. An extensive area which allows you to enjoy the sea year-round without crowds and the area’s large natural spaces.

One of these spaces is found at the end of the Las Marinas residential area, known as the Puerto Rey lagoon at the mouth of the River Antas. It is a small oasis where the green of the reedbeds contrasts with the golden sand which surrounds it. Between canes and cattails, the lagoon is home to numerous migratory birds resting on their way between Africa and Europe.

The beaches of Vera are located in a Specifically Protected Area of Importance for the Mediterranean. The area affected by the protection is known as Almería Levante Marine Seabeds, and is one of the region’s main attractions due to the presence of meadows of Neptune Grass, Andalucia’s most extensive, and protected species like the loggerhead sea turtle.